"Lucky" Bjorc Balsam

Proprietor of the Sip of Blood Tavern


“Lucky” Bjorc is quite a specimen. Never a looker to begin with, his head is now hairless on its left side with massive scarring there also. His right arm ends in a stump above the elbow, and his left hand has only a thumb and two fingers. His left leg ends in a ragged stump just below the knee, long healed, but with exposed bone at the end.

Needless to say, Bjorc has had a rough life including run-ins with dragons, Nidalese torturers, a troll’s cook pot, and for a short time the inside of a gelatinous cube. Regardless, Bjorc may be the most cheerful orc alive—though his missing tongue prevents him from verbally expressing his joy much. He does have a complicated series of hand signs that his waitresses can use to translate for him with customers.

The rest of the Camp’s inhabitants hold him in awe for all of his obviously narrow escapes from death and believe he leads a charmed life.

"Lucky" Bjorc Balsam

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