Mama Grim


Residing in an old barrow left over from ages long past, Mama Grim is a nine foot tall swamp hag with baggy greenish-brown skin and sickly, jaundiced-looking eyes. Her hair is a massive tangle of greasy black locks into which she has tangled bits of feather, bone, and assorted detritus. She is accompanied at all times by at least one of her two goblin dogs Bog-Rot and Bloodroot.

Having lived in the town for several years, she is seen by the citizens of Weepingbell as a generally benevolent, if frightening, giant providing them with disgusting though effective potions and salves. However, anyone stopping by the Sip of Blood tavern while she’s around will find they’ll have to pour their drinks themselves as Bjorc’s girls have wisely learned to make themselves scarce when Mama Grim stops by.


Mama Grim

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